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Gerry Joe Weise (/waɪz/), was born on 23 April 1959 in Sydney, Australia. He is an Australian visual artist, who has exhibited artworks in Australia, Europe and the United States. Weise is part of the Australian Art and Site-specific art movements, known for his installations in Land Art and Environmental Art.

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Gerry Joe Weise is an award winning visual artist, who has lived and worked in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. He has exhibited in over 80 solo and group exhibitions across the globe. He is a professional photographer and an accomplished video-maker, all for the sole purpose to further his artwork, which he has exhibited since 1980. He is also a musician, and has performed professionally at musical concerts since 1976. He is best known for the following categories: Environmental Art, Earth Art, Land Art, Installation Art, and "In Situ". His drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography; can be found in many galleries, museums, cultural centers, private and public collections, around the world.

Techniques: Weise often uses natural materials such as earth, sand, mineral, stone, vegetation, and pigments. Choosing to situate his work among inspiring landscapes, he transforms the way we behold and view a land site. Causing us to pay more attention to minute detail, of certain forms and perspectives that make up an environment. His aim is to be in total harmony, and serve as a compliment to the natural surroundings. Never disrupting, but forever paying tribute to this green blue planet. Weise's artwork outside, in forests, at beaches, among rocky shores, or on green grass, often fall subject to the cycle of seasons. The tides, wind, rain, sunlight, and decay, all serve to transform and erode his work. Ephemeral Art has captivated him for a very long time, as he finds it is another way of gauging time, from past to present to the future. Some of his tidal works with Sand Drawings disappear within less than 12 hours, but that does not stop the production of photography and printing. There are also the preliminary sketches and drawings before the act of creating an installation outdoors. For most of his themes and concepts, there is a body of work capturing the before, during, and after process. Weise’s Environmental Art is never as fragile as we might expect. He has said his artwork can be summed up as, “expressionistic earthworks on land environments".

Land Art.

In an essay titled "Earth Art, my Diaspora" and published in 2017, Gerry Joe Weise proclaimed that he draws and paints like a musician, and that he plays musical instruments like a painter.

Albert L. Sandberg has said that "Weise is a very fine draftsman". Where drawing has played a primordial effect on all of the artworks since the very beginning. Demonstrated by the small hyper-realistic pencil sketches, to the large indoor Ground Paintings made of pigment powder lines poured across a round circle of earth, to the monumental outdoor Black Charcoal Lines traced with carbon. Gerry Joe Weise explained to Ludovic Gibsson in an interview, that his art is all about "the line", and even more precisely, "how to draw a line in nature". Weise added that while land art is often connected to sculpture, he deems that a drawing composition set into the environment, is by far more important for his work.

Early Artwork.

The first official important group show for Gerry Joe Weise, took place at the Schlosspavillon Ismaning (a.k.a. Galerie im Schlosspavillon) in Munich. He exhibited pencil drawings in a style of Hyperrealism combined with Neo-expressionism, from 1982 to 1984, as part of the group of resident gallery artists.

In September and October of 1987, the Transmythic Earth retrospective with over two hundred artworks, took place in France at five exhibitions simultaneously. The Embassy of Australia in Paris, and four other exhibitions in Reims: Centre Culturel du CROUS, Espace AGF, Restaurant Version Originale, and the Cafe du Palais. The retrospective exhibited paintings and sculptures, that were created between 1980 to 1987. Several installations at the Centre Culturel du CROUS, announced Weise's new preoccupations with Land Art, especially the earthwork Ground Painting. Which consisted of pure color pigment lines forming symbols, spread across a circle of dark earth, approximately 195 inches wide (500 cm) and set upon a platform stage. An expensive color catalog funded by the state, accompanied the Transmythic Earth retrospective exhibitions; the full catalog has been reprinted in the book Environmental Art of Gerry Joe Weise.

The Transmythic Earth retrospective shown at the Embassy of Australia in Paris during 1987, continued as a travelling exhibition in 1988. The show travelled from France to the Australian embassies in Bonn, Germany (20 April to 19 May 1988), and Brussels in Belgium (24 May to 28 June 1988). The reporter Lulsdorf, from the General Anzeiger Nachrichten in Bonn, described Weise's paintings as "musical and magical". That the motif of circular shaped elements appearing in abstract form, are symbols for the "cycle of life". Lulsdorf elaborated that the symbols signified "the eternal arising and passing away of things", and implied that they are "reminiscent of the universe". The touring exhibition was funded by the Government of Australia, with each embassy acquiring an artwork from Weise. Notably the large Tendency To, 1983 - 1984, 79 x 99 inches (200 x 250 cm), acrylic paint on canvas, which was acquired by the embassy in Paris. The Tendency To painting, was later featured on the cover of Marges in June 1990, a French contemporary art and literary magazine.

Great Britain's popular international Art Line magazine, published an "Australian Special Issue" edition in September 1988. Andew Nuti was sent from London to interview Weise among several artists, and wrote an article titled "Oz Artists in Paris". Nuti introduced Weise's oeuvre as enticed by creation and energy concerning the expressionistic work, while the abstract spherical work was inspired by spacetime. This indicated different dimensions that surpass traditional urban landscapes. Weise's artistic research into physics (as knowledge of nature) and philosophy, had designed fundamental guidelines, so as to evade the usual trends of Postmodernism (even though he was a participant of the art movement). These guidelines incorporated original art theories, influenced by the musical rhythms of the universe. In conclusion Nuti stated, "Here Weise has created a symbolic universe of his own, mixing figures placed in 'landscapes', he then proceeds with the installation of his works outside in parks. Rhythm meaning creation and evolution, rhythm that creates a new myth".

Documented as Weise's first outdoors Site-specific art, were the September 1989 installations in Greece on three islands. The Cyclades Land artworks of the Aegean Sea, were inspired by the Cyclades archipelago and their unique mythologies. Le Chant des Roches (The Rocks are Chanting), used Earth Art materials on Tinos and was influenced by the Greek legend of the War of Giants; an earthwork with large stones, rocks and gravel, exhibited at the Tinos Sculpture Park with a group of island artists.[128] Crown of Thorns, signified Environmental Art on Andros, with a circular thorny bush installation inspired by religion of the Mediterranean Sea, and installed as an ephemeral artwork on an uncultivated coastline.[129] Sans Titre (Untitled), was a Land Art site on Mykonos using powder pigments from the island, which were mixed then painted as abstract designs of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth on a wall mural, that integrated with the surrounding Mykonian landscape.

From February to April 1990, a major one-man show by Weise, titled The Sacred - Looking Up, was exhibited at the Musee Rimbaud (Arthur Rimbaud Museum) in Charleville-Mezieres. The exhibition consisted of paintings and installations, with another Ground Painting of pure colored pigments on a circle of dark earth, approximately 160 inches wide (400 cm), which was spread across the museum's 17th century oak floor. Weise's 1989 Cyclades Land artworks on the islands of Tinos, Andros and Mykonos, were documented with photographs in the The Sacred - Looking Up catalog funded by the Arthur Rimbaud Museum, and fully reprinted in the book Environmental Art of Gerry Joe Weise.

Later Artwork.

Many of Gerry Joe Weise's large installations consist of powder pigments on earth, either executed indoors on the floor of exhibition spaces, or outdoors at wide open landscapes. During the Earth Spirit (L'Esprit de la terre) exhibition of 2002, at the Cultural Center Les Salvages in Castres, a new dimension was added. Weise's prior procedure of working alone on a Ground Painting before an exhibition, had changed to creating the installation in front of the visitors for the show opening. The Gerry Joe Weise Trio played a soundscape rhythm, while the audience in proximity watched Weise perform the Ground Painting, by sprinkling pigments across a dark earth circle, approximately 195 inches wide (500 cm). When the last symbol was created, Weise went back to his trio, strapped on his guitar, and finished the soundscape composition.

Weise often uses psychogeography, for the effect that geographical locations have on our emotions with Site-specific installations. These psycho-geographical installations were photographed at dawn or when there was a special type of sunlight, and later were transformed into transparencies. Land Art Multimedia Project (LAMP) exhibitions, consist of large-scale photographic transparencies 83 inches high (210 cm) of various widths, and exhibited on towering lightboxes. Each fitted with a translucent white surface and internal incandescent light source, creating qualities of a marked all-over luminosity, where no external ceiling lighting was needed during the exhibitions. The spectator at the exhibition, perceives the emphasis on a particular clarity of light emanating from each artwork, which in turn invites a personal emotional reaction. Land Art Multimedia Project exhibitions took place at the Warehouse 80 in Sydney during 30 May to 12 June 2016, and 20 May to 4 June 2017. In New York City at the Kingston Gallery, LAMP was part of the World Nature group exhibition, from 1 to 28 February 2017.

The 2018 monumental earthwork titled Black Charcoal Line, used environment-friendly pure carbon pigment, and traced a black line approximately 990 yards (905 m) long, by approximately 12 inches (30 cm) wide, along the coastal landscape of Crescent Head, Australia. The Site-specific artwork started at the top near the Crescent Head Lookout, then descended down the slopes to the beach. Chloe Mae Anders described Black Charcoal Line as being "traced along the grass or earth, always slightly crooked, curbed, never a straight line, but only a suggestion of being straight". Anders further stated that Weise's line installations are on the monumental scale so as to be equivalent with the magnitude of the surrounding landscape.

Land Art Books.

As a Land artist Gerry Joe Weise has been published in the following books: Environmental Art of Gerry Joe Weise (2019) a paperback book. Earth Art (2017) a paperback book and an eBook. Land Art (2018) a paperback book and eBook. Ludovic Gibsson wrote the introduction for Earth Art, “This book is a celebration of the 70 exhibitions Weise has produced from 1982 to 2017, spanning 35 years in the international art world. It is a gateway to the understanding of the more difficult avenues of his art, through his own thoughts, analysis and influences. A witness to his style of Earth art, which encompasses elements of Land art, Installation art, Environmental art, Ephemeral art and In Situ. The several layers of meaning that often bewildered critics, who were unable to fathom his application of the Alter-modern, his diaspora, while using physics and philosophy."

Art Exhibitions.

Australian Land artist Gerry Joe Weise, left Australia in 1980 to be immersed in European culture, and settled in Frankfurt, Germany. Subsequent to his arrival in Munich of 1982, he had his first group exhibition at the Galerie im Schlosspavillon Ismaning, with a collection of pencil drawings on paper. The drawings were Hyperrealism merged with Neo-expressionism. Weise relocated to France at the end of 1984. After residing for several months in Paris, he then moved to Reims in 1985. That same year also announced his first solo exhibition of paintings on canvas, at the Galerie La Grande Serre in Rouen, directed by Anne de Villepoix (who later became a celebrated gallerist in Paris). The paintings were Neo-expressionism amalgamated with Postmodernism. At the 1987 Transmythic Earth Exhibitions retrospective, Weise continued his predilection with neo and post art movements, while introducing his first Land Art interior installations. Notably the bark sculptures at the Embassy of Australia in Paris, and the earthwork Ground Painting at the Centre Culturel du CROUS in Reims. Weise's first Land Art exterior installation Le Chant des Roches, was exhibited during the 1989 group show Installation THNO, at the Sculpture Park on Tinos Island in Greece.

In a 2019 essay titled "Introduction to the Environment", Albert L. Sandberg wrote, "Weise has said his artwork can be summed up as, 'expressionistic earthworks on land environments.'"

Selected Solo Exhibitions.

1985. Galerie La Grande Serre, Rouen, France.
1986. Mythorhythmic, Centre Culturel Les Archers, Musee de Cambrai, Cambrai, France.
1986. Centre Culturel, Chateau de Gaillon, Gaillon, France.
1987. Transmythic Earth Exhibitions retrospective:
- Embassy of Australia, Paris, France.
- Centre Culturel du CROUS, Reims, France,
- Espace AGF, Reims,
- Restaurant Version Originale, Reims,
- Cafe du Palais, Reims.
1988. Embassy of Australia, Bonn, Germany.
1988. Embassy of Australia, Brussels, Belgium.
1988. C.D.I. College Notre-Dame, Reims, France.
1988. Earth Church Installations:
- Basilica of Saint-Denis, Paris, France,
- Basilique de Saint-Remi, Reims, France,
- Eglise Saint-Remi, Viel-Saint-Remy, France,
- Eglise-Notre-Dame-de Bon-Secours, Neuvizy, France.
1988 - 1989. Centre Culturel Espace 13, Theatre 13, Paris, France.
1989. Earth Music, Centre Culturel Ocre d'Art, Chateau du Parc, Chateauroux, France.
1989. La Musique des Signes, Opus Gallery, Reims, France.
1989. Sacred Earth Music, Espace Tresor, Reims, France.
1990. The Sacred - Looking Up, Arthur Rimbaud Museum, Charleville-Mezieres, France.
1990 - 1991. Expositions Le Chant des Roches:
- Espace AGF, Reims, France,
- Les Loges Gallery, Reims,
- Radio Station 93FM Gallery, Reims.
1991. Underworld Earth Works, BK Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany.
1991. L’Utopie, Espace AGF, Reims, France.
1993. Earth Spiral, CAC, Brussels, Belgium.
1994 - 1995. L'Utopie, Centre Culturel Ancien College, Sezanne, France.
1997. Ground Painting, CCA, Munich, Germany.
1998. LB Art Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland.
2000. Galerie Jiwini, Albi, France.
2000 - 2001. Galerie Out Of Australia, Toulouse, France.
2002. Earth Spirit, Centre Culturel Les Salvages, Castres, France.
2005. Distorted Nature, Ancien Temple, Chateau de Lacaze, Lacaze, France.
2006. Nightscapes, Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia.
2007. Nature Wide, Junction Gallery, New York City, United States.
2008. New Real Nature, Kunstverein, Buchholz in der Nordheide, Germany.
2013. 12 Months / Les Douze Mois, Mediatheque de Montreuil, Laon, France.
2013. Earth Lines - Land Art, pigments on outdoor ground earth, Sculpture Park, Molentargius - Saline Regional Park, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
2014. Draw a Thought / Dessiner une Pensee, Bibliotheque Municipale Patrimoniale Suzanne Martinet, Laon, France.
2015. Bark Paintings, Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015. Ground Paintings, Perspective Horizon Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2015. Ground Paintings, Webster Art Gallery, Los Angeles, United States.
2016. Ground Paintings, Transient Land Art Gallery, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia.
2016. Land Art Light Box Exhibition, Warehouse 80, Sydney, Australia. L.A.M.P. Land Art Multimedia Project: large-scale transparencies exhibited on translucent white surface with internal incandescent light source.
2017. 70th Exhibition Anniversary and Earth Art book presentation. Warehouse 80, Sydney, Australia. L.A.M.P. Land Art Multimedia Project: large-scale transparencies exhibited on translucent white surface with internal incandescent light source.
2018. Nature Art Lines, Wilson Gallery, London, Great Britain.
2018. Nature Art Lines, Land Art Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
2018. Black Charcoal Lines, Crescent Head, Australia.
2019. Contemporary Artist Space, San Francisco, California, United States.
2019. Environment Tunnel, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia.
2019. Land Art, Art Space, Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, Australia.
2019. Laon Cathedral / La Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Laon, Fete du Patrimoine, Mediatheque de Montreuil, Laon, France.

Selected Group Exhibitions.

1982 to 1984. Schlosspavillon Ismaning (Galerie im Schlosspavillon) Munich, Germany.
1987. Grande Prix de France des Arts Plastiques, Ancien College des Jesuits, Reims, France.
1987 - 1988. Common Ritual / Rituel Commun Exhibitions:
- Embassy of Australia, Paris, France,
- Galerie La Lisiere, Reims, France,
- Galerie Clin d'Oeil, Toulouse, France.
1988. Grandeur Nature, Centre d'Art Contemporain Charnot, Clamart, Paris, France.
1989. Installation THNO, Le Chant des Roches, Sculpture Park, Tinos Island, Greece.
1992. Sun Earth, Centre Culturel Co-Temporaire, Musee d'Art Moderne, Troyes, France.
1993 to 1998. Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims, France.
2000. Parc des Expositions, Caen, France.
2000. Art Passions, Galerie d'Art, Boissezon, France.
2001. Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre, CCI, Castres, France.
2002. Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre, Centre Culturel Les Salvages, Castres, France.
2003. Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre, Chateau, Hotel de Ville, Brassac, France.
2004. Nature Nature, Sculpture Park, Lac du Merle, Sidobre, Brassac, France.
2005. Installations, Sculpture Park, Sidobre, Brassac, France.
2006 - 2007. Galerie Ligne Roset, Reims, France.
2007. Where To Now?, Artist's Space Gallery, New York City, United States.
2009. Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre, Conservatoire, Laon, France.
2014. Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre, Centre Culturel Le Mail, Soissons, France.
2016. Sculpture Park 2016 edition, Bindarri National Park, Australia.
2017. World Nature, Kingston Art Gallery, New York City, United States. L.A.M.P. Land Art Multimedia Project: large-scale transparencies exhibited on translucent white surface with internal incandescent light source.
2018. Ephemeral Artworks of 12 Artists, Powerhouse Arts Centre, Liverpool, Great Britain.
2018. My Land - Your Land, Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2019. Australian Artists, House of Arts Gallery, Munich, Germany.

Travelling Exhibitions.

Transmythic Earth retrospective. Solo travelling exhibition, funded by the Government of Australia.
1987. Embassy of Australia, Paris, France.
1988. Embassy of Australia, Bonn, Germany.
1988. Embassy of Australia, Brussels, Belgium.
Earth Church Installations. Solo travelling exhibition, funded by the regions Ile-de-France and Grand Est.
1988. Basilica of Saint-Denis, Paris, France.
1988. Basilique de Saint-Remi, Reims, France.
1988. Eglise Saint-Remi, Viel-Saint-Remy, France.
1988. Eglise-Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, Neuvizy, France.
Common Ritual / Rituel Commun. Duo travelling exhibition, Gerry Joe Weise and Australian artist Jon Cockburn. Funded by the artist's grants awarded by the Government of Australia.
1987. Embassy of Australia, Paris, France.
1988. Galerie La Lisiere, Reims, France.
1988. Galerie Clin d'Oeil, Toulouse, France.
Earth Spirit / L'Esprit de la Terre. Group travelling exhibition of Australian contemporary art and aboriginal art. Gerry Joe Weise, England Banggala, Peter Nabarlambarl, Thompson Yulidjirri, Sonda Turner Nampijmpa, Bob Namundja, Bill Namundja, Eddy Ryan Bangadi, Mary Mullins Jujabilla, Jocelyn Garrwurra, Janet Nangala, Minnadook. Funded by the regions Occitanie and Hauts-de-France, with the departments Tarn and Aisne.
2001. CCI, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie, Castres, France.
2002. Centre Culturel Les Salvages, Castres, France.
2003. Chateau, Hotel de Ville, Brassac, France.
2009. Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse, Laon, France.
2014. Centre Culturel Le Mail, Soissons, France.

Performance Art.

Gerry Joe Weise had met the French writer Jean-Marie Le Sidaner during their collaboration for the Transmythic Earth retrospective catalog in 1987. Both Weise and Le Sidaner lived in Reims at the time. They formed an avant-garde performance art group, that played at art galleries, museums, and cafes. Weise’s soundscapes performed on electric guitar with various sound effects and electronic devices, were original compositions influenced by Steve Reich's Minimal music, and the 21st-century classical music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. The soundscapes laid the foundation for essays, poetry, and vocal sounds, that were recited with a theatrical performance.

19 September 1987, Gerry Joe Weise and Jean-Marie Le Sidaner formed their first performance art duo. They performed at the show opening for the Transmythic Earth retrospective, at the Centre Culturel du CROUS in Reims.

5 December 1987, Trio Rituel Commun. Weise and Le Sidaner teamed up with Australian artist Jon Cockburn, who took over the theatrical performance. They played during the show opening for the Common Ritual / Rituel Commun exhibition at the Galerie La Lisière in Reims. Cockburn and Weise were both the Australian artists that exhibited at the gallery. The Trio Rituel Commun were invited later that week, to perform the same recital at the Cafe du Palais in Reims.

23 March 1989, at the Ardennes Poetry Festival, Gerry Joe Weise and eight poets, had a two hour performance art spectacle at the Charleville-Mezieres Theater. The annual festival was an eight day tribute to Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet of the Symbolism literary movement. Weise performed on the last day of the festival and provided musical soundscapes for: Yvette Barre-Barteaux, Franz Bartelt, Francois Squevin, Robert San Geroteo, Francois Hubert, Michel Mourot, Claude-Edmond Braulx, and the high point of the evening was his duo with Jean-Marie Le Sidaner.

6 May 1989, Trio Flache. Weise played abstract musical compositions, while Le Sidaner recited prose, that incorporated the vocal antics and clowning of Australian composer Stephen Adams. They performed at the Opus 65 in Reims, which was a venue open to poetry slam, theater, and art exhibitions.

21 February 1990, Duo Flache. Weise and Le Sidaner as a duo, performed at the show opening for the The Sacred - Looking Up exhibition, which took place at the Arthur Rimbaud Museum in Charleville-Mezieres. Le Sidaner also wrote the preface for the exhibition catalog funded by the museum.

Selected Awards.

1968. 1st prize, 9 years old, Drawing Competition, TV Channel 9, Sydney Australia.
1987. Gold Medal, Grand Prix de France, Visual Arts, Reims, France.
1989. 2nd Prize, Public Choice Award, Grand Prix, Paris, France.
1993. 1st Prize, Graphic Drawing, Art Show, Brussels, Belgium.
1997. Best Installation Award,  for "Ground Painting", CCA, Munich, Germany.
2015-16. Voted Number #3 in Land Arts Info Magazine / Top Votes, Paris, France.

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